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Bitcoin cash erc20

bitcoin cash erc20

General NEW: Our new fast-launch password screen gives additional options and lets users visit the Exodus knowledge base. Find out more about pricing feeds. 1.55.1 July 6, 2018 Application Fix problems with running on older macOS versions. Removed non-working advanced tabs in Send and Receive. Security fans rejoice, the Exodus wallet is now fully encrypted! Developer Added a debug menu to reset your recent state for BTC, LTC, doge and dash.

You can now exchange any asset for Ethereum Classic (ETC). Log in or Sign up log in sign up, sort by, community Details.0k, online, welcome to /r/btc! We now have for everyone! Exodus now defaults to more accurate pricing from. Exchange Improved exchange tracking for delayed exchanges caused by overloaded network traffic. We made it more WOW for Doge fans. Improved: A "caps lock key is on" warning message is now displayed on the password screen. 193) Trying to send to an address with an invalid checksum turns the address box red and disables the send button. NEW: You can now import Ethereum private keys. 1.7.0 October 14, 2016 General Exodus now properly checks to see if you are online. Tested on tiny 11-inch MacBook Airs and 27-inch iMacs.

Bitcoin Cash Proponent

bitcoin cash erc20