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Whats bitcoin worth

whats bitcoin worth

are vulnerable to a play of emotions and at times a spontaneous urge to action that he called animal spirits. In other words: for short-term positions, technical factors might be a lot more important that what Bitcoin is theoretically worth. Many people say nothing but that is the same of all money like assets to some degree. We can take that as some aggregate increase in the value that is required to be a functioning reserve currency.

whats bitcoin worth

If that is the case, then that gives a upper bound reserve currency value for each Bitcoin as 100,000. If Bitcoin replaces the USD, what value might it be? The first clue is that if we dont see any evidence of Bitcoin gaining more users and becoming a part of the fabric of the payments system or reacting strongly as a safe haven, then the currency might be trading too high. That is a nice round number that was purely accidental if you can believe me on that. If we start from a few cents, bitcoin de wallet that does not bode well for Bitcoin. This hasnt stopped people from trying, though. First of all, how much gold is there? Without getting too technical, it is a relatively simple equation which lets you recover the value of the currency.