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Quantina day trader forex ea q7

quantina day trader forex ea q7

recommended on lower or medium impact of news events. Calculated from your Current Balance and customized StopLoss value. OneCancelOther, if it is true and one of your pending order was executed, After News Trader EA will cancel the other (opposite) pending order immediately. If you set it true, EA will trail in negative area too. Recommended Currency Pair for regular trade is EUR/USD on H1 timeframe. AllowBuyOrders, whether Long orders are allowed or disabled. Quantina Intelligence Product Features: Instant Download 24/7 online IT support, forum for each stick bitcoin product usage, video Instructions. BuyDistance SellDistance, distance from the observed (news time) candles close price. Continuously developed since 2012.

quantina day trader forex ea q7

quantina day trader forex ea q7

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TrailBeforeBreakEven, it holds on to trailing until stop moves to break even. More details in Manual Guide ValuesInPip - If it is true, you can parameter this EA with pips value at the inputs list, If you set it to false, every parameter must be in points, we highly recommend you to use it in points mode. MaxSpread, maximum allowed spread during open trades. The EA will measure the observed candle at "Open Day, Open Hour and OpenMinute". The minimum candle size refers to the body of the candle only, whereas the full candle size is referring to the entire candle (difference between highest high and lowest low). StopLoss will be moved to the first positive area if the market price reached the BreakEvenLock distance from entry price. Stop Loss value in pips, trailingStop, trailing Stop automatically updates the Stop order price as the market price moves in your favour. If it was a bullish candle EA will open buy (long) trades, if it was a bearish candle EA will open sell (short) trades. Distance type, the observed candle at the news time. However if you set this option to true, the EA can open opposite direction at the next candle. Slippage, maximum Available Slippage in Pips or in Points. OppositeTradeDirection, basically EA will open trade in same direction as the observed (news time) candle type.

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