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bitcoin social network

coinSNS offers a whole new variety of ways to earn Bitcoin. Reports: Report stories and comments to be checked by administrators. No matter you are a webmaster of private website or a listed company, any types of users who are related to bitcoin will be welcomed to promote or communicate your products and services here. Home/News Feed: Displays Stories, Events, Photos posted by followed people, pages and groups. Instead of marking your Bitcoin business you are also able to claim free Bitcoin every 10 min plus level system included, each level you up it will also increase the Bitcoin you claim every 10 min. Also story filters and follow suggestions.

Cover: Dynamic Draggable Cover for users, pages and groups timeline. View list of people who shared this.

Search: Search for people, pages or groups. Emoticons, turn On/Off notifications for posts, verified Profiles and Pages. View list of people who likes this. Create and build up your page be creative too, best page will be selected to be promoted free., details and News of SoBIT: sobit, ends Dec 1 2014, best page will be in our marketing campaign plan for Dec 15th 2014 - Jan #SoBIT. Fully interactive, dynamic and ajax-based., bloggers Welcome write about #SoBIT and post your URL below. How it works, our social network is very simple! Shares: Share or unshare a post. Create your Own Group or Pages Join Us now, Reserve your screen name.

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New Bitcoin Social Network Club 2,000k Members and Growing, selling BTC, Services, Share photos or even. The higher your level, the more Bitcoin you earn, so the more time you're on CoinSNS the richer you'll be! Reach Day:.8, month Average Daily Reach:.5, daily Pageviews:.8, month Average Daily Pageviews:.4, daily Pageviews per user:.805.7, more details from Alexa). We at CoinSNS envision a world where Bitcoin is used everywhere, and CoinSNS will bring us one step closer to our vision. Messages: Send and receive private messages from other Users or Pages. Have a bitcoin business and like to get promoted free? Easy To Use, our app is fast, easy to use and free! You are able to choose which type of account you would like to create, there is personal account and business account. Allows online users have live private conversation.

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