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Bitcoin double spending wait one block

bitcoin double spending wait one block

infeasible to acquire. Let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments section below. Race Attack When an attacker sends the same coin in rapid succession to two different addresses, the obvious outcome is that only one of them will get included. The first transaction will have a very low fee, and will only be accepted by a few nodes, but after some time it should make its way to the recipient. You might say that this is unfair for the merchant, as the transaction might fail in getting confirmations.

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But wait suppose both of these the transactions are grabbed at the time by miners? A double-spend attack is when transactions are duplicated so the exact same money is spent twice. But hang on, isnt sxas also susceptible to the very same thing?, you might be asking. Here To Serve, Jo Polanco CEO/Founder of Nexus Labs The Creators of Saske. Now, you again sign and send the same 1 BTC on another Bitcoin address to try and trick the merchant. Now, both of these transactions enter the unconfirmed pool of transactions. How Bitcoin Handles The Double Spending Problem. Because sxas is built on the waves platform which happens to be not PoW but.

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